Thank you page


Thank you for accepting my gift to you!

  • A photographic PAUSE … is a short compilation of some of my images and quotes from people who have inspired me that reflects on my creative journey.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I have created it.

Here is the link to download it - click here


If you are interested to invest in any of my images, please CONTACT me for suggestions on size and quotation on prize.


Photography and Traveling have the amazing abilities to take us on inner and outer journeys, to stretch our comfort zones and to bring about healing and transformation.

As a life coach and creative photographer I’ve experienced through my own life challenges how traveling and photography have helped me to overcome the challenges from the past. It forced me to be present every moment, it forced me to keep on moving forward, but most of all it fed and healed my spirit, my soul.

My offer to you:

  • Private photographic soul safaris/tours
  • Private small group photographic safaris/tours
  • One-on-One coaching sessions to support you on your creative journey as a creative/photographer

CONTACT ME to set up a chat meeting to discuss your next steps in living your dreams and a creative life.