“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” – Mark Twain

DELTA DETOX: Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta, Botswana
to Aug 29

DELTA DETOX: Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta, Botswana

Quick Trip Info:
Location: Xaxaba Camp, Moremi Game Reserve, Okavango Delta, Botswana
6 Days / 5 Nights
8 Guests including your photography tour leader
8 Single Tents
Tour Price: $1410.00 per person - No Single Supplement
All boat transfers to and from Chief’s Island upon landing in Maun, mobile tented accommodation with fully equipped private camp near Xaxaba lagoon. All motorised boat game viewing safaris, unlimited use of mokoros, services of professional walking guides, a photography guide, a camp chef and camp hand, plus mokoro polers, all meals, a bar replete with sodas, mineral water and evening wines, access fees to the concession and park, camping and permit fees. Emergency evacuation with SATIB Evacuation Plan. 24/7 office support.
International flights, visas, excess baggage charges, telephone calls, laundry, items of personal nature, travel, medical and travel insurance, tips, and any activities not specified in the itinerary
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A back-to-basics mobile camping safari for those wanting to re-connect with themselves.

To travel deep and far into the Okavango Delta and beyond the reach of cellular networks, where hippos, reed frogs and booming Pel’s fishing owls will lull you to sleep, and lion roars and freshly brewed coffee announce the new day. 

Delta Detox has been designed to provide a fully catered, professionally guided, rustic and wholesome Okavango Delta camping experience.

It is suitable for those looking beyond turned beds, silver cutlery, fine cuisine or pre-warmed face cloths. By ‘comfortable’ we mean scrumptious food cooked over an open fire, walk-in tents, raised cot beds with mattresses, pillows, fresh clean linen, warm duvets, chairs and tables, showers and a bush toilet.

Delta Detox is an exit from the rat race and monotonous western world lifestyle.

It is the ultimate reset button, a back-to-basics pilgrimage to a remote and beautiful private island in the heart of the Okavango Delta.

Whether you would like to track wildlife on foot, complete your Okavango Delta specials birding list, photograph the mind-boggling diversity, or let your worries flow downstream as you slither silently over glassy waters in your mokoro… it’s your call, you tell us.

Delta Detox is ready and waiting for you.

Situated in the east of the Okavango Delta, Moremi Game Reserve ranks as one of the most beautiful reserves in Africa. It covers more than 4871 square kilometres of pristine wilderness, and the varied terrain includes savannah, winding waterways, and dense forest. This diverse ecosystem supports an incredibly wide spectrum of wildlife, ranging from large herds of buffalo, wildebeest and zebra, to the rare sitatunga and lechwe antelope, lion, cheetah and packs of wild dog in the open grasslands. The birdlife is prolific and includes most of the 550 bird species recorded on Botswana’s national bird list.


Daily Itinerary

DAY 1: FRI. 24 AUG 2018


An Africa Geographic representative will meet and greet  you from your arrival flight  in Maun. Once your bags are packed, a short transfer will deliver you to your speedboat, moored at one the jetties on the Boro River.

You may as well do a last download of news and mails on your phone before you switch it off, as you will soon loose reception once you set off (but fear not, for emergencies we do have a satellite phone with us, and we will never be too far from an airstrip). We’ll keep the time for you, so feel free to remove your watch. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

For the next four hours, be seduced by the journey into the heart of the Delta, as you twist and turn,  slice your way along windy reed-fringed channels and glide over glassy waters. Take a birds-eye view of a darting malachite kingfisher racing your bow, while pied kingfishers hover overhead and African fish eagles peer down from lofty perches. Lazy hippos beat a hasty retreat as they hear you approach and your first elephants greet you with flared ears and inquisitive trunks.

Welcome to the Okavango Delta – your home for the next few days.

Your cruise will end at the idyllic Xaxaba campsite, where camp has already been set up and awaits your arrival.

You will be introduced to your tents, the do's and dont's at camp, the shower and WC facilities and allowed time to relax and make yourself at home.  Warm bucket showers will be readied, and once refreshed you can join your travel companions and your guide around the campfire, while a delicious home cooked dinner makes its way to the table. 

Lulled by the quintessential sounds of the Okavango Delta, your first night will be spent in a spacious, walk-in domed tent, complete with cot beds and soft bedrolls.

DAY 2: SAT. 25 AUG 2018


After an early morning coffee with a bite to eat, you will set off on a cruise along the Okavango’s waterways.

Depending on what was heard last night, or what the local bush ‘intel” has gathered, you will depart camp by speedboat, or stealthily approach one of the nearer islands to start your walk. If by mokoro, you will soon notice there is no better seat in the house to see and admire the cutest painted reed frogs, skittish pygmy goose, cryptic flap-necked chameleon, dainty damselflies, fascinating fishing spiders, or even the stealthy sitatunga.

Along the way there will be ample chance to moor your boat and walk wherever you choose. Islands are often fringed with huge mangosteen, jackalberry and nyalaberry trees teeming with parrots, hornbills and starlings. The calls of these birds might mingle with those of quarrelling baboons and excited vervet monkeys, and perhaps the alarm calls of buck, elephants or squirrels will be an indication of a predator blowing its cover.

Reading the tracks on the ground, the bend of grasses, and a plethora of other signs, your guides will track and share the bush news with you. Your walks will always be peppered by a myriad of findings, explanations and often fantastic interpretations, since the Bayei have a wealth of folkloric tales and stories about how everything came to be in the bush.

As the heat sets in, it is time to return to camp where beaming smiles and brunch await you.

A plan will be discussed after brunch, and depending on energy levels and expectations you could go for another bush walk, a leisurely mokoro ride, a visit to a nearby heronry, a swim in the safe and secure stretch of the Delta, a concerted search for a Pel’s fishing owl, or a chilled cruise in search of the most photogenic sunset spots.

As the day comes to an end there will be plenty of time to enjoy a warm shower, drinks by the fire, and some storytelling to recall the highlights of the day.

DAY 3: SUN. 26 AUG 2018

Xacaba Camp, Moremi GAME RESERVE

Being lucky on a walking safari entails being up early. Wake up to the sound of fish eagles and hippos, have your coffee or tea, light breakfast, and set off with your guide as early as you can in order to make the most off your mornings – the coolest time to walk and most productive hours to watch wildlife.

Wildlife abounds in the area – including lion, leopard, buffalo, elephant, hippo, crocodile, giraffe, lechwe, tsessebe and sitatunga, otters, honey badgers, the shy pangolin, and a variety of smaller predators such as the African wildcat, civet, serval and genet also call this area home. There is also a fair amount of reptile species such as snakes, tortoises, terrapins, monitor lizards, skinks, geckos, and last but not least, very impressive Nile crocodiles.

Susan Greeff, your safari leader as well as photographic guide  is available to coach you on the art of nature and wildlife photography.


Walks are never disappointing in this area, and always topped with a rewarding hearty breakfast when you get back to camp (approx. 10h00 - 10h30).

After breakfast, there is always plenty of time to relax, enjoy the serenity of this place, under the shade of cathedral-like jackalberry trees, birdwatching from the edge of camp, photographing dragonflies, or taking a crash course on ‘mokoro 101’.

Another Highlight of our trip, is a visit to the the small village of Xaxaba to meet the chief, his counsel and family. Here, one of the last remaining Delta villages has remained since time immemorial, when the legendary Bayei tribe colonised these swamps in their dugout canoes in the 18th Century.

The women of the village are proficient basket weavers and carvers, and you may find their handicrafts difficult to resist. Whatever your interest may be, or background in life, it is always humbling to be reminded of how simple life can be – often an eye-opening experience for visitors.

To make our visit to the village even more meaningful we ask to open your hearts and bring gifts in the form of mosquito nets and English reading books for the kids.

Back at camp, stunning sunset skies, hot showers, dinner and your campfire awaits.

DAY 4:MON. 27 AUG 2018


The Delta Detox continues as the day before ... as our experienced local wildlife guide takes us on a magical journey to capture and soak in the beauty of what the Delta has to offer.

DAY 5:TUE. 28 AUG 2018


The last full day, but who's keeping count, when body, mind and soul are being refreshed and restored by the healing wonders of the wild ...

DAY 6: WED. 29 AUG 2018

End OF ITINERARY - Departure Day

Today, after a lovely breakfast and perhaps fitting in one last activity, you will be transferred back to Maun Airport in order to catch your flight back to Johannesburg, or transfer to the next lodge. Either way we will endeavor to get you back to Maun by 11h30 - 12h00.

As you cruise back to Maun your mind will be in neutral, as you savour your last moments in paradise. Batteries fully recharged, you will be ready for life once again looking forward to relive your memories through the stunning photo's you've captured.


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Sense of Place: Creative Photography Workshop
to Jun 1

Sense of Place: Creative Photography Workshop

The picturesque village of Molyvos on Lesvos is the place where we take our cameras on a creative visual exploration, meandering through cobbled streets and along inviting beaches. The emphasis is on immersing ourselves in the culture and daily lives of the local people, savoring their cuisine and wine and learning about ancient history of the island of Lesvos written in its architecture and symbols. Each day we become more attuned to our milieu and more alert to our own changing reactions, interpretations and emotions. Through our lenses we discover and capture the true sense of this ageless destination.

During our seven-day workshop we focus on several key aspects of photography and the creative journey:

Mindfulness: As with any other creative process, photography has the ability to draw one into a natural state of mindfulness. It opens up intuitive senses, allows inventiveness from within, so the journey becomes the focus, fueling creative expression as opposed to a fixation on the end result.

 The creative journey: We explore our personal creative development, embrace our fears and insecurities and open ourselves up to new opportunities. We create space in which each person has the freedom of expressing his or her individuality through photography.

Elements of design and composition: At first glance, subjects and scenes we encounter may look like a chaotic canvas, challenging the photographer to find order integral to all creation. It is the elements of design – color, line, form, texture, light, pattern, rhythm, space and balance – that we train the artistic eye to see.

From subject to expression: Finding the perfect subject to photograph or composing a striking image is not where we limit our creative process. Moving beyond the subject matter allows for the liberation of personal sources of inspiration, interpretation, and unique expression in our photographs.

Genres and aspects of photography we focus on:

  • Subjects found and subjects created: the aesthetic of Wabi Sabi and Still Life.
  • Symbolism in photography.
  • Landscapes and seascapes.
  • Flâneur: street photography
  • Portraits & figure in landscape: expressive portraiture, including the human figure in a landscape.
  • Close-up and abstracts: identify and isolate symbolic elements of the island.


Each photographer works towards a personal portfolio that visually portrays their own sense of place relating to Lesvos.

The Workshop

The workshop is designed for photographers who wish to intensify their photographic experiences and develop their own creative style. Both beginner photographers with an understanding of their cameras and post-processing software (Photoshop and NIK), as well as more advanced photographers wanting to expand their portfolios and work from a deeper level of soul are welcome to attend. For more information, contact Susan at

Presenters: Susan Greeff and Anita de Villiers

Susan Greeff is an accredited life coach and counsellor whose passion for photography and travel took her on a journey of discovering her own creative expression. For her, the creative process is as much part of our inner journey as it is of the outer journey. As creative photographer, Susan has learned from a number of photographic masters, but her self-confessed rebellious nature also allowed space for her intuitive voice to create a style of her own. Her photographs have been nominated, honorably mention and selected as finalist artworks in national and international photographic competitions, featured in several international photographic publications, while a profile article featured in an Australian art magazine.

Anita de Villiers is a professional photographer and writer with a linguistic and academic background. She conducts photographic workshops, ateliers, courses and safaris. As a photojournalist she marries words to images, and as a teacher and mentor she aims to open each photographer’s personal path to discovery and creativity. Her photography is powered by the spiritual, inquisitive, analytical and introspective nature of an outsider who lives by her senses, especially the sixth one. Fine Art photography is the genre Anita prefers, as it allows her to work across the other photographic genres, including nature and wildlife, landscape, flâneur, culture and people. She is inspired by the visual arts as well as the written word and visual narrative. Her work has been exhibited at several galleries, the latest being the Collection “Earth Animals” at the Imbizo Galleries in Umhlanga and Hoedspruit, South Africa.

Tariffs include accommodation, two meals per day and course fee; travel excluded.

Single: €1 200

Sharing pp: €1 040

To book: email

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